‘What a country’: Video captures kangaroos boxing on family’s drive home in Australia – National

It’s not every day you come across a boxing match in the middle of a road, but for one family in Australia, that’s exactly what they saw earlier this month — only the two fighters were kangaroos.

Tracey Davis and her family were driving home from Hall, north of Canberra, when they came across a surprise.

The two marsupials were throwing fists and kicking each other in the dark of night.

Davis advised her husband not to drive past as she filmed the unusual encounter, which she said she did to show her eldest daughter who wasn’t with them in the car.

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“Bloody hell, what a country,” Davis can be heard saying from behind the camera as the family expresses a mix of shock and laughter.

In an interview with Global News, she said they felt “shock and disbelief” as when they were driving up they thought it was two grown men fighting in the middle of the road.

At first, both Davis and her 10-year-old daughter tell her husband not to beep the horn, but then she eventually does so in hopes it will either cause the pair to hop away or move off the road.

However, it does nothing.

“Mom, nothing’s happening,” her daughter says as the family laughs.

Davis said she wasn’t concerned at the time about honking the horn.

“They were intimidatingly large in real life and are known to charge, so in hindsight, I perhaps shouldn’t have been quite so eager,” she said.

She said she sees kangaroos daily when she walks her dog near Bushland and they’ve “just become part of the scenery,” but this was an unusual experience.

Having moved to the country almost 15 years ago, she said she’s “never seen anything like the fight that ensued.” She added that her husband and his family had never experienced it before, either.

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Her husband then adds that if one of the kangaroo come towards them, he’s driving past.

After a few more seconds, with the marsupials at the side of the road, the family starts slowly driving past with him saying “brutal” one more time.

“They were still going hell for leather and I would have liked to know how it ended,” she told Global News.

“We have so many questions and it still dominates conversation around the dinner table.”

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