The Confessions Of Toni Kroos’ Brother

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Felix Kroos has returned to action before his brother Toni. The Union Berlin midfielder spoke at length about the return to football, Haaland, Achraf, Toni Kroos’ signing for Real Madrid and other things.

In an interview with ‘AS’, the Union Berlin footballer talked about many topics starting with how he sees the return to the Bundesliga and the type of football the coronavirus has left us with.

“We are very happy because it has been two long months. It’s good for football across Europe. I wasn’t afraid and we been tested twice a week. I’m afraid of possibly getting injured although we still haven’t had any mishap. The strangest thing is playing without fans,” he said.

In the return to action, we have seen the footballers who were on form before the break. Felix Kroos spoke about Haaland and Achraf: “Haaland is a genius and he’s only 19. He’s great, skilful, he scores goals… He’s a great talent. Achraf is very quick and he is world class in his positiion. He is a player with enormous potential,” he continued.


His relationship and childhood with Toni

“We did everything together because we are almost the same age. Football was the first thing we did and we played one against one at home At the age of seven or eight you could see he was very talented,” the Union Berlin footballer admitted.

Felix Kroos admitted that his brother was better than him and “did everything easier” while he had to work harder to reach the top level.

Toni’s signing for Real Madrid

He was 25 when he played his first season for Real Madrid. Toni Kroos did not even think twice. “As soon as he knew about Real Madrid’s interest, he accepted the offer and decided to go. It was all very quick. If you get an offer from Real Madrid, you don’t have to think much. It was an easy decision and I think he made the right decision,” he said.

Felix Kroos did not rule out playing against his brother in La Liga in the future because he believes that everything is possible in football. “It would be interesting. We couldn’t in Germany and we might be able to in Spain,” he concluded.

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