NLE Choppa – Birdboy

NLE Choppa – Birdboy

Music: NLE Choppa – Birdboy

“Birdboy” is a new tune by American rapper “NLE Choppa”.

“NLE Choppa” is gearing up for new year ahead after praise himself: “I’m 16 with big dreams, I wanna be a star.”


NLE Choppa had been the talking point since he turned down a $3M on his song, “Shotta Flow” that went viral.

The energetic and physically chiseled rapper Choppa was born and raised in New Orleans.

He dropped his collaboration with “Action“ – “Choppas On Choppas” last month.

As a teenager he worked on his lyrical skills as a hobby but all the while he felt his destiny was in professional sports.

An appearance on New Orleans’ popular radio show Nine O’Clock Props made Choppa an instant hit with listeners.

In 2001 the independent label Take Fo’ released his debut, Choppa Style, an album filled with a more party-styled version of Southern rap called bounce music.

The title cut became an inescapable regional hit and soon BET’s late-night show Uncut began airing the video.

Master P caught wind of the single and headed to New Orleans.


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Quotable Lyrics
When an opp see me, you know they gon’ run
I hang out the window, shoot shit like Lebron
You know that I hit ’em, I had to get ’em
They thought I was bowlin’, I had to split ’em



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