“More Risk Of Infection In A Supermarket”

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A study was carried out in the Netherlands about the riks of coronavirus infection in football. Edwin Goedhart, doctor of the Federation, affirms that the results prove Javier Tebas is right, who said at the time that players would be more protected than factory workers. “There is more risk in a supermarket”, the doctor stated.

Football has returned or is going to return in several European countries. Others such as France and the Netherlands have preferred to declare the season over to avoid risks.

Precisely from the Netherlands come the results of a study which have proved to be quite reassuring. Edwin Goedhart, doctor of the football federation, affirms that the risk of infection in football is the same as, for example, going to the supermarket. “It is almost insignificant”, he said in words collected by ‘Mundo Deportivo”.


For the study, 428 Eredivisie matches were analysed. After following them, it was determined that the contact between players is lower than one might think.

“In only 1.2% of the time of the games, the players were 1.5 metres away from each other for more than 30 seconds. And going beyond that, the time they were less than half a meter away from each other is 1.5 seconds per game”, the doctor explained.

The situation is somewhat more complicated for corners: “In those moments, the players stay closer together for an unusually long time. To avoid this, the attacking team may be forced to leave the area until play can resume again”.

The study seems to prove Javier Tebas right, who said at the end of April that “someone who works in a factory is in more danger than a player playing a match behind closed doors”.

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