Messi Celebrated His Goal In A Peculiar Way

Download Messi Celebrated His Goal In A Peculiar Way

Leo Messi scored again in the match against Leganés and celebrated the goal in a curious way that the goalscorer himself wanted to explain through his own official web page.

Leo Messi set off the alarms before playing again and the Argentine recovered from the muscle fatigue to delight fans and break down defences. The Argentine scored against Leganés.


It was from a penalty, but it served the same purpose for the Argentine star to celebrate it in the most peculiar way. He had one hand on his waist and the other raised to the sky.

Rarely has Leo Messi celebrated in such a direct and static way, a curiosity that has led him to say why on his official website.

“Leo Messi dedicated his 699th goal as a professional to his three children, and did so by imitating the posture of one of the characters in a game with which they usually spend time together”, can be read.

In this way, what Messi wanted to do is dedicate the goals to his children, who would be watching it at home and who were very excited about it.

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