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Incredibles 2 Storyboard Comparison

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In this edition, see how the original storyboards for Jack-Jack’s fight with a raccoon in Incredibles 2 compares to the final sequence in the movie. Plus, watch as the cast of Men in Black International addresses certain fan theories about the movie, and Late Night stars Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson answer the web’s most searched questions about them.

First up, Jack-Jack’s fight with a neighborhood raccoon is one of the funniest sequences in Incredibles 2. But how did the sequence change between the storyboards and the final animated sequence? When you look at the storyboards and movie side-by-side (via Pixar), you’ll see there are’t many drastic changes between the two.

Are the Men in Black in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will there be an Agent K cameo? Did the MiB neutralize Thor and Valkyrie and convince them to be MiB agents? These are some of the fan theories that Men in Black International cast members Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Kumail Nanjiani react to at Vanity Fair.

Finally, Late Night stars Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson sat down for Wired to answer the web’s most searched questions about them. How many languages does Emma speak? What did Mindy study at Dartmouth? Does Emma have an Oscar? What is Mindy’s baby’s name? Get the answers to all those questions and more.

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