Bow Wow Flames Lil Duval for Saying He Used 50 Cent’s Money

Bow Wow isn’t here for Lil Duval’s jokes.

After 50 Cent dominated Atlanta with a series of parties this past weekend, an array of artists like Dave East and Don Q reportedly owe Fofty money. In an Instagram post uploaded yesterday (June 11), Duval boasts that he was at the strip club with Fif and his crew yet asserts that he’s the only one who didn’t touch the G-Unit CEO’s cash. After he insists he threw his own money in the air, Duval claims Bow Wow is now in debt to 50.

In his next Instagram post, Duval continues to accuse Bow Wow of throwing more of 50’s money than anyone else. The post features a video of the Growing Up Hip-Hop star throwing stacks of cash alongside Fofty. In the same breath, Duval also claimed that Fabolous and Trey Songz owe 50 money as well. Bow Wow apparently didn’t like the rapper-comedian’s accusations, and warned him not to check on his pockets.

“Don’t watch my pockets, I watch me,” Bow Wow told Duval in a now-deleted Instagram post. “Matter of fact, I’mma charge your ass for helping your big headed, little body ass up on that bar last night. I’mma charge you. You see, ain’t nobody pick your little ass up. I picked your little ass up and put you on the bar next to all of us. That’s about $1000 right there. Courtesy fee.”

This comes after Don Q made an attempt to clear his debt with 50 off rip. On Monday (June 10), the Highbridge rapper jumped on his own Instagram account to tell Fofty that he’s ready to pay his dues.

Check out Lil Duval’s posts about Bow Wow below.

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